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Oh my gosh, this has been a long time coming!  But it’s here!  My very own podcast!

2020 marks my 10th year in business

I wanted to do something that pushed me out of my comfort zone, shared more about who I am and what I do with the world, and talk to some of my favourite entrepreneurs to inspire you to keep on growing your own business to create the business and lifestyle that you want.

I love everything about online business, and I want to share some of that enthusiasm and excitement with you, but without the fluff!  The opportunities and possibilities are endless for the digital business, but navigating a path that is right for you and your business can be tricky.

How do you know what’s right?

How do you know what will work?

Are you the only one feeling like this?

Season 1 is coming soon!

It will be help you answer all that, and more.  My guests share some classic, simple and actionable strategies that help you grow, profit and thrive in your business.

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Here’s to better, freer business!

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I worked with Katie for years and I can honestly say my business would not be what it is today without her! She was instrumental in my business growth and smarter business processes. If you need someone to help you develop the business, be a support both practically and emotionally then Katie is your woman! I cannot thank her enough for the value she added to me and the business.

Teresa Heath-Wareing

Entrepreneur and Founder, Teresa Heath-Wareing