VA To Visionary

Get the inside scoop:

It’s difficult isn’t it?

Working 1-1 is incredibly rewarding, but can also be a drain on your resources, both mentally and energetically.

It’s time to enhance your service to others to set you apart from the hustle, and create the business that you want in tandem. 

You can’t do it alone.

You’re waving the white flag.

Your VA or OBM business is growing, you’re attracting so many perfect opportunities and you’re moving in exactly the right direction to where you want to go.

BUT you’ve also reached the point where everything is just overwhelming (actually it’s got a bit messy, but you don’t really want to say that out loud).

You’ve lost the reason you set up your business. You’re firefighting and having to react to things as they arise, rather than proactively getting ahead of the game.

You’re feeling a bit stuck. As if you can see exactly what it is that you want, but it’s just. out. of. reach.

If only you could figure out the things that you know are holding you back. If only you had a bit of help.

You want the dream, and reality, back, but where do you start?


Start here!

I want to help you do things you way AND to step into the success you already have, own it, and hit new goals.

Design a business that works for you and see you getting the results, achievements and celebrations that you deserve.

I work with established VAs and OBMs who want to enhance and optimise what they do. 

You have done all the VA tasks imaginable for a lot of clients, but you’re ready for more. 

Gone are the days of feeling like you need to do everything just to keep up.  It’s time to have the confidence to step up and serve yourself the same way as you do your clients. 

Become the Visionary of your business and own your space.

So it’s time take a breath, step back and regain some clarity and purpose to what you’re doing.  You need to start taking the right steps and working on the right actions intentionally.

You need to block out the noise (go Airplane mode!) and say goodbye to overwhelm.

You need to see progress and you need to start today.


What do you really need?

I’m here for it.

Are you looking for clarity on your growth strategy? Do you have a specific issue with your operations model or Team? Is deciding what to do next giving you a headache?

I’m here to help you reset and get clear on what you need in your business – and to come up with a solution that suits you.

We’ll work together to design and implement the strategies, choose the tools or refine the techniques that are best for your business. I’ll make sure that you don’t get distracted by shiny objects and short-term fixes.

I don’t use a cookie-cutter approach – our sessions and my advice are all about you and what you need.

Just a few things we could work on together

Improve your 1-1 service, making your client experience even better.

Diversify what you offer to add another income stream.

Starting, or growing, a team.

Specialise in one particular support area or niche that really allows you to hone your skills.

Take a big idea and bring it to life. Strategic action planning from conception to launch.

Advice and guidance on how to work at your very best, including time management, working with energy flows and building a business around all of your other commitments.

Stepping into your true CEO self.  Guidance and accountability grow personally as well as professionally.

Or perhaps you’re not sure exactly what it is that you need – you just know that you could do with some help.

Get in touch and run it by me!

Ready? Let’s do this!


I’ll send you a pre-work pack before we get started so I can learn all about you, your business and what you’re looking to accomplish during our time together. Don’t worry, it sounds more boring than it actually is, but it’s a really important step as this is where I start to get to know you.

We’ll then have our first 2-hour strategy call so we can start to build your perfect solution and plan the action steps you need to take.

You’ll then receive a recording of the call so you can go over all we talked about again if you need to.

Time to take action!

Over the following two weeks, you’ll work through the steps we have identified for you to get the results you’re looking for. There’s email and Voxer support during that time, which will help keep you accountable and deal with any questions that might come up.

We’ll then have our second 60-minute strategy call to review where you’re at, make any adjustments and plan ahead so you keep up the momentum.

You’ll receive a recording of this call too, and any additional notes or actions steps you need. I’ll still be on email and Voxer for the 14 days after our final call for any further support you might need.

Get ready to see clearly again, and start getting the results you want.

Sometimes one just isn’t enough!  That’s why you can also purchase a packge of six sessions. The benefit of this is increaed momentum and accountability as you make real change.

Design a business that works for you. 

You’ve tried to solve the problem yourself…you’ve seen all the VA and OBM mentoring programmes but they just don’t feel quite right. 

You know how to build a brilliant VA and OBM business, you don’t need the mechanics, you need the mindset and the strategy (and a bit of hand holding!)

You need someone with proven success, and who is still in the trenches alongside you. 

You need to execute your business vision, but feel overwhelmed by all there is to do to get there.

Well, you’ve found it all here.

I’m here to tell that it is possible to design a business that works for you.  And I can’t wait to help you do it.


This isn’t just another VA mentoring programme

It’s new, it’s different. 

This isn’t how to be a virtual assistant or online business manager.  It’s not about how you set up a project management system or structure file directories. 

You don’t need that.  You’re here for more. 

You’re here with grit and determination to break from the mould, to build new and better and to serve higher.  

You’re here to optimise and enhance, both you AND your business. 

You’re here with passion, energy, ideas and vision.

You’re here for more.


This is perfect for you if…

Your business has hit a brick wall – you’re eatablished, successful, but you’re not sure what to do next.

You’re stalling on taking on new clients and not saying yes to brilliant opportunities.

You have a vision, an idea, passion and purpose. You’re excited, but you don’t know what your next move is.

You’ve lost all sense of balance in your business. Working until 10pm each night, eating lunch at your desk (if at all) and letting cups of coffee go cold wasn’t part of the plan.

You need accountability to keep you on the right track and make the shifts you’re want to making in your business.

You need to step into your true CEO visionary role in your business, own the success you have had and the space you’re in.

But wait!

Change happens when you do the work.

Sounds obvious, I know.  But if you’re not prepared to take intentional action on the plans and solutions we reach, and implement them into your business, then this isn’t for you.

So, if you’re looking for a quick fix, or that your business will change simply by making notes and showing up on the calls, you’re going to be disappointed.

I haven’t seen significant growth year on year in my own business by making notes, neither have the multi 6 and 7 figure businesses that I work with.

Change happens when you do the work.


Asking for help isn’t always easy.

I get it – I know exactly how much your business means to you. I know how much blood, sweat and tears you’ve gone through to get this far, if you’ll excuse the cliché.

You think that no one can understand your business the way you do.

And you think you should be able to figure it all out on your own.

Drop the struggle.



A clear roadmap so you know exactly where you’re heading, and what you need to do to get there.

You next step mapped out, waiting for you to take action on so you make progress every single day.

Milestones that are achievable and actually mean something in your business growth journey (and a reason to celebrate!)

Your sense of excitement and motivation being at an all time high to move your business in the direction you want.

Confidence that you now have the tools and resources you need to do what you need to do. Overwhelming Google searches will be a distant memory!

Personal growth that feels good, and supported, because you know it’s what you actually need rather than what you think you should do.

Support, encouragement, cheerleading and accountability from someone real, down to earth, fun and who knows a thing of two about building 6 and 7 figure businesses…. (pssst. that’s me…!)


Your Investment

Are you ready to start seeing your business become what you want it to be?

You can get started today selecting the best option for you below.  

Got questions or want a chat first? Totally fine, you can get in touch with me here.

Single Session

VA to Visionary single session is £397.


* All prices quoted include UK VAT.

Six Session Package

VA to Visionary package option is £1997.