S1 Ep. #7: What do you wish you had done sooner in your business?


Ah!  That old question that makes us look back over our time in business and think “if only I know what I know now I would have done that so much sooner!”

I’m not one for looking back in regret, only in the lessons we learn, the business owner we evolve into and the positives we bring from those ‘if only’ moments into our day to day decision making now.

I asked each of my guests from Season 1 what has held them back and what they wish they had done sooner.  This is all part of our business journey, our founder’s story and shapes our future actions.

I hope you enjoy, and I’d love you to let me know what you would have done sooner!  Tag me on Instagram @katie_virtuallydoesit and let me know.

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I worked with Katie for years and I can honestly say my business would not be what it is today without her! She was instrumental in my business growth and smarter business processes. If you need someone to help you develop the business, be a support both practically and emotionally then Katie is your woman! I cannot thank her enough for the value she added to me and the business.

Teresa Heath-Wareing

Entrepreneur and Founder, Teresa Heath-Wareing