S1 Ep. #5: Why You Should Build Your Marketing Plan Around Your Brand (not your offer)


Get the inside scoop:

Do you ever wish you could get off the marketing rollercoaster?  Then this episode is exactly what you need to be listening to.

No more ‘launch mode’, no more swamping your community whenever you have something to sell, only for your activity and visibility to fall away again after your campaign has closed. You’re then back to the periodic newsletters and social updates.

Well, meet Ash!  She has just the solution for you to consistently market your business and your offers, without feeling salesy and without having to go into launch mode.

Market your brand, not your offer.

Ashley is a marketing expert and coach who teaches people how to leverage their unique brilliance and business to design and build out their digital empires using marketing plans that put them wildly in demand. She’s worked with many clients across industries including coaches, designers, copywriters, financial planners, and consultants and shown them the path to higher profits and consistent high-revenue months.

Marketing your brand doesn’t feel particularly intuitive does it. But it is so much more natural, and easier, to focus on keeping an undercurrent of marketing activity running consistently and layer extra, specific offer-based, marketing on top of that.  When you’ve listened to Ash and her energy and enthusiasm for this way of doing things, you won’t look back.

Here’s how you can find out more about Ashley:

Ashley is founder of The Empire Lab,

With a degree in English, Ashley has always drawn upon her skills in storytelling and language, starting first as a copywriter and marketing assistant. Before joining the world of online business, Ashley served in the US Army and worked in corporate before pursuing entrepreneurship and motherhood. She lives in Michigan (US) with her husband and three boys.

Grab her free resource, the Moneyballer Empire Blueprint, which you can find here.