S1 Ep. #3: Get Legit. Learn To Love The Legal Side Of Business


Get the inside scoop:

When I was planning the podcast episodes for Season 1, I knew that I wanted Lucy as a guest so I’m thrilled she is here for episode 3!

Lucy Wheeler, also known as Lucy Legal, helps business owners at all levels of their business journey get the legal aspects in place so they can protect themselves, their brand, and also their clients.

The legal side of business can be tricky and quite emotive.  You might not think you need contracts in place as you know the people you are working, they might be friends or former colleagues, or you might just feel that presenting someone, anyone, with a lengthy contract just doesn’t ‘go’ with how you do business.

Any of my clients reading this will probably be nodding (or rolling their eyes!) when I say I am a stickler for getting everything watertight! One of the questions you’ll hear my ask when engaging any new business is “where’s the contract?” often to be met by silence! And I get it, I get that legal documents can feel too over the top, overwhelming and too formal, not to mention expensive, but it’s all sunshine and cocktails until something goes wrong, and then neither you or the client are protected.

Lucy and I were really careful when recording this episode, as we didn’t want it to come over as there we were scaring business owners with horror stories of what can happen if you don’t have contracts and policies.  There is none of that.  But what there is, is Lucy explaining brilliantly what you need in place, why, how it can help you and it’s never too late to get legit!

After listening, I hope that if you haven’t got any of the legal side sorted, Lucy will help you add this to you to-do list!

Here’s how you can find out more about Lucy:

Lucy Legal takes the worry and overwhelm out of the legal elements of business and provides simple and affordable support to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Find out more at www.lucylegal.co.uk

The Ultimate Legal Checklist sets out which legal documents you need in your business when and helps you to set a reminder to ensure that the mandatory documents are in place and up to date. You can download it for free here: https://www.lucylegal.co.uk/legalchecklist

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