S1 Ep. #1: My Mission For This Podcast


I knew the first episode in Season 1 would have to be all about me, and that was a bit of a scary prospect!

As an introvert, and with 10 years in business behind me, but also pretty much behind a laptop, I knew that it was going to be a personal challenge to record.  I’m not used to talking about me, and my knowledge, expertise, achievements, and how far I’ve come since December 2010.  I won’t disclose how many takes there where, let’s just say I’m learning…!

This short episode explains how it all started, and to introduce you to what Season 1 is about.  If you’ve not listened to the trailer episode yet then go here and have a listen as that will give you a taste of some of the episodes that are coming up.

If you’ve come straight here and we haven’t met yet, then let me tell you a bit more about me, you can also head here to read more.  I have a passion for helping ambitious entrepreneurs to build thriving, scalable businesses, but without the drama and fluff.  Simple, sustainable businesses that can have a huge impact is what my work is all about.  As a business owner, you do’t need complicated, you don’t need messy and you don’t need a thousands things to do to achieve what you want.

My clients come to me because they want a confident, proactive approach to online business strategy and management and efficient and effective practices that get things done. They want support in turning ideas into actions and the accountability to keep projects on track. My clients have big plans, and they want someone to work alongside them to achieve what they want. That’s what they get.

I bring a wealth of experience in online business strategy, management, structure and processes to ensure that my clients have a solid foundation for their business to operate now, but also to make their visions reality.

I want to help you to fulfil your potential and build your remarkable business by allowing you to focus on being the creator and visionary.

I really hope you enjoy this first season.  I’d love any feedback, a review on iTunes and for you to share your favourite episodes on social media.

I’m already planning Season 2!

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Teresa Heath-Wareing

Entrepreneur and Founder, Teresa Heath-Wareing