How to Make Anything Happen In Your Business


Technology has fast become a mainstay in everyday business and life. There is an app for most things, a platform to help us do everything from the most mundane to the most exciting. So you’d think there must be something that would make all our business ideals seamlessly come to fruition at the few clicks of a mouse.

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you’d be wrong.

The tech that helps our businesses work is phenomenal. The things we can create, the connections we can make and the success we can have, all supported by technology, is exciting and it’s evolving all the time. But this fast growing mainstay doesn’t detract from one thing. To make anything happen you need a plan. And you need to write that plan down.

Now, I know, you’re thinking “write things down? With a pen? Really?”. Well, it can be either, in a notebook or magic whiteboard, or in a Google Doc, Evernote for example, it’s the same thing. It’s putting what you want to happen on “paper”. It’s making it real.

So much of what we want to achieve stays in our heads. We think about it over and over again, never quite getting around to it. Or, the worst, we do write it down, but then the page turns, the Google Doc gets further down the list of recently created documents and that’s that.

So, how do you get your idea from a page to a purposeful part of your business?


Set aside one hour without interruptions, open a blank page and write everything down. Everything relating to your idea and what you need to to do to get there.

Now sort your list into an order of priority. Chunk things together so you know what you need to do first, before you move on to the next.

You’ll have questions….

Who do you need to help you get there?

Do you need to work with a copywriter, a virtual assistant, a graphic designer who can take some of the tasks that are not your forte?

What’s your timescale? Be realistic here. If it’s an idea you’ve had for a while it’s all too easy to want it yesterday and not give yourself enough time to execute properly and effectively.

Set task dates and stick to them. The dates are not a moveable feast, would you move the dates for paid client work? Not unless you absolutely had to. The same goes here.


Now you have got your tasks and timescale, put these into your schedule. I personally like to block regular time each week so I know when I will be working on my business.

What comes first, who need to do what, and when you are going to be celebrating launching something new?

We’re used to putting our businesses second to our clients sometimes, and in some cases that’s unavoidable, but there is a balance and you should give your own business as much love and attention as you give your clients.

So, you’re done. Now to shout about it from the rooftops. Launch strategically and with intention, plan your launch as you would plan your idea.

Stick to it and persevere.

But remember, doing that work makes things happen. Take action and get excited!

What can you get out of your head and on to paper to move your business on?

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